Huguenot Heritage - Scented Candle 1kg

Huguenot Heritage - Scented Candle 1kg

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Huguenot Heritage - Scented Candle 

High-grade 1 KG French Lavender and Amber fragranced paraffin wax candle with braided wicks and a burn time of up to 150 hours per candle. 

Poured and hand-made proudly South African products. 

How to use:

Keep wick trimmed and straight for best burn. Avoid emptying the wax pool. Allow the molten wax pool to reset between each burn. Discontinue using when candle has burned down to 20mm.

Please note:

Each candle has a hanging decal. Decals may vary.

Additional Information:

Keep out of reach of children, pets and all flammable materials. Avoid burning in a breeze. Candles are used at owner's own risk.