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Tales of India - Maharani Dream Incense Tube

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In India there is a deeply sentimental and poignant feeling that people associate with unique smells of India.

Quintessentially Indian, these fragrances celebrate the multifaceted culture of the country - its richness, its diversity, its beauty, its food and its boundless love.

India is an ancient land of mystery, romance and intrigue, nobility and grandeur which has been fascinating and captivating generations of travellers. It is home to many majestic palaces that ignite nostalgia for times gone by.

Their dreamlike architecture is sure to capture the imagination and inspire to uncover the secrets held within their walls.

This incense is inspired by this Maharajahs bygone Era of sheer opulence and refinement. it features a rich blend of tropical floral's dominated by sublime tuberose and subtle jasmine.

These high quality incense come in beautifully crafted packaging as seen in our photo's.


Burn time: approx 30 min
Stick size: approx 8"
Packaging: 15g
Hand rolled in India
No animal by-products are used
No child labor is used